Some old ideas, new again

I wrote this a few months ago in a notebook to help work out my own thought processes at the time. I later had it saved as a draft blog. I almost deleted it as I think I have absorbed most of this to be part of my natural process by now. Instead, I thought I'd published it here to better reflect on.

  1. Don't butter the butter: This is about removing as many barriers between me and the audience as possible. A no-frills attitude. There is no gloss or filter applied. The artwork is as close to the original as possible.
  2. Only compete with yourself: Try to be better than your previous self without needlessly comparing your work and achievements to others. This applies to the work itself and things like social media likes and numbers.
  3. Come as you are: Present yourself as you are. Knowing full well you are not perfect and contain blemishes and warts. These blemishes add to who you are and make you unique. Put your best foot forward, and be yourself, whoever that is. This is easy, as you don't need an angle or an image or imposed style to create who you are. Everything you need is already there.
  4. Always free: Always offer a free version of your work. It's ok to ask for money or offer a paid version, but there should always be an easily accessible free option. Keep overheads close to $0 to achieve this.

After rereading this in my drafts folder, it felt like it was written by someone else. There is an energy and drive to this that I would probably word differently now. But at the same time, I still believe in these principles. Point 4 about always offering a free version felt the most outdated to me at first, as I have been trying to give value to my work. However, upon further thought, I still agree with this one. What it means is not to offer everything for free, but to ensure that there is always a low entry point for your work. Always offer a way for the curious to taste/sample your work online for free. For example through, social media like Instagram, or offering the first issue for free, or a free comic for signing up to my mailing list.


Thanks for reading...

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