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Good sketchbooks

Today I finally solved a mystery that has been plaguing me for a few years now…That is, how come I can sometimes get good sketchbooks from art stores and other times the exact same brand is crappy and unusable. Regular readers will know that over the years I have harped on about not being able to find a decent sketchbook. It’s been a continuing theme in many stories. Let me tell you how I may have figured it out. First my friend Mel believed she had solved the mystery by telling me that the company ‘xpress graphx’ seels a premium variety of sketchbooks, which they do. I thought my problems were solved but when the local art store got in a batch of the ‘premium’ books in, unofrtunatly they were fairly ordinary books. I went back to my original theory that the company must use whatever are the cheapest materials without any thought of consistency. I thought I'd just wait until a new batch of good books came in. Then today I decided to actually phone the company . I described m

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