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The mother of all zine fairs

I will be at 'The mother of all zine fairs' on Saturday. The event was oringinally going to be held on Swanston Street although now due to weather it is being relocated to the Degraves subway in Melbourne city. See you there! The mother of all zine fairs Type: Other - Festival Network: Global Date: Saturday, February 13, 2010 Time: 3:00pm - 8:00pm Location:  Degraves subway Description 60 plus zinemakers, 40 tables x 1.8metres of zine real estate, 140 or so chairs, market umbrellas, street exposure, nearby cafes and bars and ZINES, thousands of precious precious zines from all over the country. At the institute we know how to hold a zine fair and we take it VERY seriously. Don't expect to find any vegan cupcakes or craft felt toys here.!/event.php?eid=441823190098&ref=ts

Updated subscription details

I had to update the details for the subscription. Originally I was going to print them as A6 books but then changed my mind to A5. This didn't alter the printing costs too dramtically but it did infact double the postage. The new rates are as such, Australian orders $15 Rest or the world orders $25 Or if you would just like to order the first issue, you can go to my etsy store

ebook research

So far this is what I have found out Amazon kindle (AZW format) Format your content using HTML then upload to Amazon to convert to an AZW file. Book has to be sold for at least .99c with Amazon always taking 60% tutorial here ePub format The ePub format is probably going to be the best one to go with as the Sony eReaders and the new Apple iPad use this format. Here is a list of ways to format ePub files, but for my money I am extremely pleased that you can do it from Indesign CS4. Most of the ePub websites I have found are based on the 'everything is free' model. As I have blogged previously I would like to see a pay model website for like what does for POD publishing. Comparisons of eBook readers Any suggestions, thoughts, links, ideas are welcome in the comments

This Town

My new 48 page comic to be put out by Sure Shot Comics . This book will be launched at the Zine fair in Melbourne on the 13th of February. The comic precedes the subscription comic, 'Good to Go', and documents our move to Canada late 2007, which means this comics has been in the making for around two years!

Drawing / Drafting table for under $20

Here are some photographs of the drawing table I made recently for under $20. Admittedly I found the table on the side of the road with a free label on it, but I figure most people could find a cheap or free table in their area. A drawing table does not have to be huge either just big enough to draw on and rest your elbows. I made this after completing my Blood and Thunder comic submission which was a real pain to finish. I even put off doing the comic at first as I did not have a space to work on it except the kitchen table. This usually is not a problem as I work in my sketchbook which enables me to draw anywhere. Which is in itself why I work in a skecthbook, from years of living in rental houses without space or money to have a studio. The B&T comic however was approximately A3 in size which meant I had to work on the kitchen table at night, and pack up everything when I was done. I began to remember that having a space to draw, and better yet a drawing table, really aids in m

Rick Amor, comic artist

 Rick Amor, Landscape with a Car, 2000 Panel from Star bores, by Rick and Tina Amor,  1978 After a little digging I confirmed that the Rick Amor from Falcon comics, is indeed the Famous Australian painter Rick Amor, and Tina Amor was wife. 1970 Amor rejoins his old jugband as a guitarist and meets Tina Schifferle,1 the washboard player. In September he moves in with Tina in a shared house in Hawthorn and begins full-time employment at the Public Works Department’s survey section as a field assistant. Amor and Schifferle marry on 27 November. 1975–76 Amor’s professional relationship with Brown ends abruptly. Amor finds work illustrating five English educational comics for Macmillan Publishing Company, which he compiles with his wife Tina, and receives a Visual Arts Board Grant from the Australia Council. The dismissal of the Whitlam government in November marks the commencement of his involvement with the Australian Labour Party and the Trade Union movement. From here,


It's a little shorter now, Heather doesn't like it still. Also Hope Larson process pics

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