It's really crazy bust at the moment with school, I think I'll be a little bit broken soon



  1. Please don't splodge into a big pool of ooze! Break artisically, try throwing paint at a wall (or teacher) };-}

    Great image :)

  2. No time...for...paint...too late...gurgle...urggh!!

  3. *Wham Bang Pow* Improvise with your inky fingers!!!

  4. NICE illo!! Happy Halloween!

  5. Don't struggle you'll just sink quicker.

  6. Darn-where is a pillow to punch when you need one! Interesting take. Sounds like a vacation may be in order?

  7. i know the feeling. It was crazy when I was in Art School. I really like your style and I am looking forward to seeing more of your great illustrations.

  8. ahhh...i remmber those days. i never got a single non-art project finished during my BFA days. great take on the topic and winter break isn't too far away. ;)

  9. It's actually the summer break over christamas and new years here in Aus. I'm going back to do my honors year in late feb ;)

  10. Nah, you're standing on the bottom really and there doesn't appear to be any sign that the water levels rising - so a bit waterlogged maybe, but not broken!

    Nice linework - I particularly like the built up lines for textures in the hair and clothes and the writing itself as a texture.

    You'll do it, man!


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