I went to the physiotherapist yesterday which went well. I felt relieved after as I could put the problem into context and had a strategy to deal with it.
I’m going to try to stop drawing over the next week whilst I use other techniques to start helping it to heal. I’m just so relieved that there’s something I can do to get better. If anything good has come of this it’s the realisation that I shouldn’t take my drawing for granted. It’s such a big part of me and how I express myself. I like to think that I can work in various ways but when it comes down to it, I’m a drawer I love drawing I want to keep drawing…


  1. Didn't Jess just have problems with her wrist? What is it with you prolific Australian comic artists getting problems with their wrists?

    Just remember to trust the cartoon bear.

  2. Yeah it was Jess that advised me to go to a physiotherapist! Thanks for the image link! I've never seen this before and recommend people take these excercises seriously before and after drawing!!


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