Star Gazing


  1. Sometimes, when I've watched too much of the news, I go outside to look at the stars and wonder where we'll live next after we're thoroughly done screwing up this planet. Your comic gives me hope that we'll actually be able to achieve that one day.

  2. Thanks Matt. I'm going to try and do one of these a week (Although not always space themed!) I was trying a new pencilling and inking style with these, it's really subtle though, not sure if it shows.

  3. The amount of energy and money required to generate a biosphere is so great, that it basically makes space colonization impossible. Think about it. We haven't been back to the moon since 1973. No one has been on the Moon my entire life. And chances there never will be again.

  4. I agree John. We have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be adapted to this planet, the air the minerals, the gravity. We're a long way off living in space or any other planet for that matter.


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