The Cosmic Gutter

The Cosmic Gutter is a free monthly dispatch of a new comic or drawing on UFOs. I've been into reading about UFOs ever since I picked up Timothy Good's book Need to Know over 17 years ago.

With the recent New York Times article and whistle blowers like David Grusch coming out, I'm more interested in the topic than ever. It's a natural fit that I'd want to make comics about the phenomenon.

But if I'm going to delve into making UFO comics, then I want the audience to fully immerse themselves in what I'm making and not be hidden by an algorithm in an app.

This newsletter will be a standalone thing. I will be making it to deliver something interesting and worthwhile directly into your inbox. If something else comes of that, great, but my focus is to create content from real stories and news articles on the phenomenon once a month.

I’m not making it to promote something else or to get you to click on a link.

The newsletter will be simple. Avoiding large walls of text and multiple links. Instead, focus on having more comics and art than typed words. I intend for the email to be free to read with the option to support the publication with a monthly donation. The first email will be sent out on the 12th of March 2024 and monthly thereafter.

I hope you will join me!


Thanks for reading...

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