Talking to Pete on the Phone

I've finished the print I'm taking to Newcastle to sell at the zine fair.
I'll also be taking down my other prints and hopefully I can discuss my technique and ideas behind them. Not sure how many of these past prints I can sell as i need to keep 2-3 for my end of year folio.

Also I made a comment about how some of my comments aren't getting posted. Well yesterday I made a post and it didn't get posted, and now it's nowhere to be seen. A bit of a worry...


  1. I forgot to mention a few reasons why this print is particularly special to me:

    A: It’s the first photocopy print to use my new stock of 300gsm Arches paper.
    B: It’s the first print I’ve done directly from a computer file (Instead of just copying from the glass)
    C: It’s the first multicoloured print I’ve done

  2. Your post is floating around the web spirit world };-} Love new stocks of delicious 300gsm paper! I like your choice of multi colours - always hold onto a copy of your first prints (for when they are worth a fourtune :))

  3. Yeah you're right, I try and do that with my comics also, as I eventually sell them all if I don't put one away!
    The 300gsm worked out real well, I'll have to make some postcards.

  4. Anthony,
    Wanted to thank you so much for giving us this print. Was great to have your company whilst we were there in Newcastle, and the print is being framed by a printmaking friend of mine.
    Again, thank you - it's a beautiful print.
    ps congrats on the vibewire appointment. im their new film editor. see you around.
    pps i have your pillow. ill work out some way of getting it to you

  5. Glad you,loiked the print and that it will have a good home :)

    I was confused for a little second as I started thinking I did leave my pillow, but I actually took it home. Must be someone elses pillow...
    Hope everything else went fine checking out of the swanky pad!


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