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This is the second part to the comics librarian image I posted recently. This was also drawn in 2008 with a nib and ink. I thought being involved in publishing somehow would be cool, but then I realised print media was in decline; enough so it would be hard to make a career out of anyway.


  1. I'm really intrigued by the whole process of mini-comics (I'd like to print some soon and it seems to be a fairly steady niche market) but you're right. Overall, print as a medium is drying up fairly quickly. The little boy part of me that grew up wishing to be a newspaper cartoonist is definitely very disappointed.

  2. i like the stuff your doing in color now. it really suits your art work. i like the flat colors myself but it doesn't go well with my style.

  3. Well, the company that I work for has improved since 2009, but was are still running under staffed since we do not have enough sales hire another employee yet. I am doing the work of two or three people. In 2010, they were able to hire me from freelance to full-time salary. This year they have enough to hire an intern to help out with all the departments (although he is incredibly under paid). It is getting better, but not a full recovery yet.

  4. Matt: It's such a fun experience to print something up and have something physical

    Zack: Thanks man, I plan to do more when my life is a little les crazy

    David: I think there'll will remain a place for print. When i was in Canada and trying to decide what new career option I should follow, I wanted to pick something that would have an abundance of steady jobs. I was interested in Librarainship and also noticed the majority of librarians where 50-60 years old, ie, not far from retiring!


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