The theme for this years Tango comics anthology has just been announced here, Love and War, Some juicy subject matter there! Last year was the first time I had submitted to Tango, although I had been meaning to for some time before that.
I had some trouble with my last entry, I really wanted to try and do a fiction type comic but every idea I had I kept loosing interest. Eventually I solved the problem by doing an autobiographical story sandwiched between two fiction stories.
The story on the top of the page was about some E.T's on a holiday tour to earth to sample Earth food, two of the tourists sit in the park to eat and talk about love and food.
The second fiction story at the bottom was originally going to be a spy story, but ended up being a love story gone wrong where the wife ends up poisoning the husband with a home made pie.
I am tempted to try some fiction again this year, and perhaps I can try and use a more developed writing method, like the ones I have been discussing in posts here. I guess we’ll see!


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