Old Art

I was going through some old boxes that I packed before I left for Canada in 2007, looking for my personal copies of my zines and a few other things. I have my own collection of my books scattered throughout a few different folders and I thought it was time to properly collect them.

This was made all the more important by discovering that an Art folder I stored in a garage had received some sort of water damage and had black mold throughout it. Luckily there was nothing that was hugely important, but at the same time there were some nice prints and other drawings in there.

One thing that did survive where some prints I had made a few years back. Luckily I had packaged the prints for sale by mounting them in card and more importantly placing them in a zip lock bag. I can gladly say that these prints were in A1 condition.

I also wanted to share this piece of art I did in my first year of Art school. Made whilst I was madly trying to find my niche, a place that I could work in a develop my skills that was acceptable to my lecturers. I do not think the were wild about it, probably too illustrative. I never really did find that place and it is almost something you can not find until after you leave.

Looking at this old piece I am surprised at myself that I did not hold it in higher esteem at the time. I think I thought it did not really work, but looking at it now I think it looks great.

The image is of the band that went down with the titanic, and a bandstand in Ballarat that is dedicated to them.


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