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Bit of a weird weekend, been distracted, busy etc. Managed to pick up some new sketchbooks on Friday though and a new aquash pen. Each time I have picked up the pen recently I've felt too bummed out to do that much, not really sure why. Did some sketches this morning and a few minutes later, after grabbing something in a different room, I came back to Zoey painting with ink over them, my fault really. I drew up a little comic I hope to ink later tonight. The biggest problem I find recently when sit down to draw is I don't know what I should draw, even though I have lots of different projects I could be chipping away at. Heather gave me some great input the other night and got me thinking about some directions I might take with my coming comics. My biggest fear is that I'm just going around in circles and not progressing at all, even though I try and convince myself that it is not true.


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