Blue 02

This is a typical conversation sitting in the supermarket carpark.
I'll be adding more of these drawings I'm doing for my fundraiser as I make them


  1. Hey Anthony, what kind of pens/markers do you use for your comics? Just wonderin'.

    I'm always happy to see an update on your comics blog... nice work, as always!!!

  2. these are the copic markers. A lot of the comic artists at the camp I went to were very fond of them for colouring in your sketchbook, which made me want to give them a go. I would like to get one a little lighter than this.

  3. I wondered if they were Copic markers... I've been using them too and I really like them. I bought a few and wish I had gotten lighter ones too, but they're great to color with.

  4. I also use a steadtler .05 tech pen for the inking, I forgot to mention that

  5. could i have this one please?


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