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Coffee snob

I thought I lost my pen yesterday (I'm always going through this dilemma I'm such a spaz) after going to the local art store to price a new one, and boy were they pricey, so I decided not to buy a new one here just yet. When I returned to the car I found my pen in the glove box (And yes I had already looked there) My little drawing project is going well also (Another reason I cant be without a pen for the day) I’ve had to give up on being able to drink lattes whilst I'm here (Oh you poor dear) due to lack of good coffee shops, or should I say the kind of coffee shop I like. Like today I went into this one coffee shop that I know, and it took them about 20mins to get around to serving me (They didn’t allow you to make orders from the counter) so I ordered a latte and pretty soon after that the guy comes out with a big round mug. I think ok I can handle a mug that fine, but then what’s on the top? Nutmeg! ok I say, and begin to scrape it off, but wait where does the fro

Greeting s from the Gimli public library!

Well I've been in Canada for almost a week now and I don't feel so tired now. Heather and I have been spending some time with her parents at Gimli here (Small town north of Winnipeg) It's been a wonderfull time for R&R and to get stuck into my sketchbook practice. Speaking of Sketchbooks I was able to pick up 7 of my favourite sketchbooks that I get here in Canada (I've already started using one as my homemade one was nice to draw on but the ink didn't dry so fast leaving a lot of smudges) I can't really say why these particular books are good. They just work well with my particullar tech pen. they seem to be, not to thick and not to thin, not to smooth and not too hard, and the quality of the paper is not super but not cheap either. I know I'm a fussy bugger but you have to be when youre working with a fussy pen. I used to search for the right type of pen and I remember a girl at school said, "Youre crazy just use anything" At the time I


hey all I just arrived in Canada today,and after around 30 hours of being awake I'm starting to feel a little tired. Oh yeah and by the way my new comic came out on Monday you can pick yourself up a copy at grainery lane. I'll write another post after my jet lag...

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