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reviews cont

Best Buy comics - by R.Crumb. What can I say about Crumb, he's an obvious influence for me. I had never seen this comic before so it was a surprise to find. I think this is one of his better comics put out around '79 I think the drawing style is neat and the stories are interesting too. I'd recomend any of crumbs work! The Comics Journal - Publised by FantaGraphics. I've been meaning to get more publications of this sort (eg, Juxtapose, comic art magzine) I blame art school school. Where else are you going to read interviews with your favourite creators or see previews of thir work before it comes out? this particular issue had an interview with Harvey Pekar. You might notice that I know have a link to my Yahoo photo album which has few of my sketchbook covers and such. They're not the greatest scans though. 7 pages migt be delayed this week as I'm working like mad to get my folio together so they can't fail me.
So I said that I’d review the comics I got on the weekend, but I’m so busy with school right now it’s crazy!! I’ll do a short review then beef it up later Black Hole #1 – I’ve been meaning to get one of these comics for awhile so I thought starting with number on would be a good idea. They are pricey though I think somewhere around $10-12 per issue (they’re are worth it and maybe comics should cost this much, you pay $20-25 for a paperback and these are so much finer) So what can I say they story proved to be quite well written, good concept too, and you can’t fault the art. Charles Burns produces crisp neat black lines with the accuracy of a razor blade. Shouldn’t you be working? This is a collection of sketchbooks pages from AYC artist Johnny Ryan, done when he was on the clock at a urine clinic. It’s filled with sick jokes about bodily functions. I look down on poo and wee jokes as much as the next person but there is something about J.R’s ‘why should I care again?’ attit

Weekend trip

Heather and I just got back from a weekend in Melbourne. I'd been planning on going down to Melbourne so I could finally put Velvet soap into the stores-You can now get Velvet Soap in Minotaur, Polyester, and Alternate Worlds (Chapel St)- On Saturday after breakfast we walked to St Kilda as it was such a nice day as so as we got there we decided to go to the pub and have some beers. First it started out with a few Jugs, then we took a break and walked to a pier and brought ice-cream. Heather went for a walk, and Leigh and I were going to go to the hardware store to buy some spray paint. But we didn’t get past the pub before we thought, “Let’s have another”. Well another turned into about 6-7, and by the time Heather met up with us we were quite sloshed. So we walked home and stopped into get noodles on the way. We had big plans to go out again and do some karaoke, but I felt so beat after all that afternoon sun and beer so we ended up staying in and watching Adaptations the Charlie
It's been a long break but finally I will be putting out 7 pages #13 today. It'll be the first one that I've had to pay to copy (Except for the paper which I mostly suplied myself) So that means there wont be as many copies in circulation. At best I think I'll only be copying around 50. Which sounds like alot but believe me they'll disapear fast!! Also once I get my collection of doodles I did whilst in Canada together I'll be releasing a '7 pages special edition' which is somewhere around 50-60 pgs long. But I'm really busy with school at the moment, so it might take me a few weeks.
Hey all, sorry it's been a long time since my last entry. I'm back in Ballarat now trying to get my feet back on the found after my whirlwind tour of Canada. I also just got back from Newcastle after attending the young writers festival up there. I got some bad news today that my previous source of free photocopying has been cut off. which means it's going to be a lot harder to put out 7 pages if at all. I just wont be able to get all the copies out their on a regular enough basis so I might have to set up a subscription type thing. but write to me and tell me your thoughts ( coming soon will be 7 pages special edition which will be comprised of sketchbook material from my Canada visit oh yeah, did I mention that I saw original crumb art work at the Vancouver Art gallery, so stoked!

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