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I’m getting some T-shirts made up this week for 7pages they’ll have a funky little picture on them along with the 7Pages title. Screen printed on quality Bonds Raglan T’s in White, Grey, and Red in a variety of sizes male and female and all for the low low price of $20!! Contact me for more info
I damn well lost my pen once again I don’t know how this happened!! Oh well I was looking for an excuse to upgrade to a Rotering from a Steadler anyway. I managed to put together another 7pages yesterday as well. It has a lovely Basquiat inspired cover as I’ve been getting into his work a lot more lately (He uses simplified drawing and text in a fine art context, so you can make the connection) I’m still trying to get my Canada sketches together, I’m kind of reluctant to put them out. I don’t like that whole, “I’m special because I went overseas” -well whoop dee doo! But then again I did do some comics and other writings that I was happy with whilst there so I’m thinking if I keep it lo-fi and low key I’ll be able to sleep at night. Heather and I are still trying to make plans for next year and I don’t think that Ballarat will qualify. We did consider Canada but maybe we’ll hold off on that one, Somewhere tropical like Darwin could be nice, warmer climates and all, but I think I l

Naked Fella #8

Just received the latest copy of Naked Fella comics from fellow cartooning pal David Blumenstein in the mail. Very nice David! Haven't read it all yet, but what i have is good esp the 'better than tony robbins' strip. Maybe when I grow up I can be a fast as David is a putting out new comics. New 7 pages should be out tomorrow. Also check out his cool little animation/game it love it! (Care of 'mock turtle soup.blogspot')
David Colliers latest comic on old friend 'Brat X' very well illustrated and written check it out. If only there were more comics of this quality. (Collier also illustrated the latest 'American Splendour' comic on vietnam vet Robert Mcniel)
Chris Ware's Acme novelty warehouse

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