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summer time and the living is easy

Well we’ve started to settle a little more into a house now, and most of our stuff has found a home within our home. It's allot nicer than the house we came from. For some reason it just seems easier to keep clean and it’s allot more liveable (Not to mention the fact that we are a block from lake Wendouree) It’s finally starting to feel like the holidays for me, I was so busy moving house, working and having Christmas. The other day Heather and I took Ashley and her cousin Lily to play mini golf (Which I haven’t played in years and like other sport am lacking in all the necessary skills) on the way into the building I saw a luxury car parked that had the number plate ‘envius’ as in ‘envy us’ because we wasted our excess of money on a luxury 4-wheel drive (That will never in its life, go off road). Anyway just felt like I had to share that with the world. Jean Michelle Basquait

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