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Finding lots of different comics and things out there at the moment but I'm noit going to tell you about it this time, 1- because there are too many to mention 2- you can just look for yourself make friends with google. The Art Auction is on tonight. I only have one piece in it...I'll be nervous to see how much it goes for, or if anyone bids at all yikes

Fat Cheeks Zine Distro

Fat Cheeks Distro has agreed to carried Scrambled for me yey! so why dont cha go and check out what else they've got Fat Cheeks Also I haven't posted for awhile as I've constructed a mini Catalogue of available comics just follow the link on the sidebar---> One of my favourte blogs 'mock turtle soup' has stopped posting, I'm rather dismayed... Saw The Meatrix yesterday one more reason to eat less meat. 'Icarus' J.M.Basquiat

Thomas Nast

Just came across this Thomas nast web site, I love this guys work, all those tiny little lines... Thomas Nast

Charles Addams

Like I said I managed to get Scrambled #2 out last friday and it is available at Grainery Lane cafe and Rediscovery on sturt st (The 2nd hand cd store next to Ruby's cafe) In other news I walked into a discount book sale and found a copy of Charles Addams version of 'Mother Goose' for $5.99 (RRP $24.99) So I had to buy it even though I'm Skint at the moment. Some of the pictures are a tiny bit fuzzy (A normal person wouldnt notice this) but only one or two most of the book reproductions are wonderfull and there is a range of Addams style in there. For those of you that don't know Charles Addams he was a cartoonist for the 'New Yorker' in the 50' and 60's who had a wonderfully dark sense of humour. He is most well know for the creation of 'the Addams Family'

licorice and Frank Zappa (Not every one likes)

If everything goes to plan i should have scrambled#2 out by this weekend. Once again i must appologise for the delay. This was not only ecause i was in Canada but whilst there I had no way of putting it together, so i think i've done pretty well in the circumstances. It'll only cost you $2.50 and you can get it from the usual suspects like Grainery lane and rediscovery also. It'l probably be another week before I can get them stocked in melbourne and i'm still looking for a distro in sydney since vox pop went into hibernation...So if anyones got any recomendations for good zine distro that are around drop me a line. Whilst my zine isnt about menstruation or feminism (Hey dont get me wrong ladies I luvs yaz all) or about being a teenage punk in a crazy world, my comic isn't one of the usual indy type comix that are a dime a dozen, containing graphic sex, voilence and bowel movements with no other reason than to obviously sell comix (And may i mention does not e

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