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Here's a site for Ron Rege Jr it has lots of cool links. Also this funny litle article on comics and grants , I laughed a .number of times Went down to Melbourne yesterday. I had to stock Minotuar with my comics so i stupidly teased my self by looking on the shelves. where I saw -'Worn Tuff Elbow' by Marc Bell -'Blood Orange#3' with a new jeffery Brown strip -'Shouldn't you be Working?' by Johnny Ryan Also Colliers new book comes out in just two days...I need to do some burgs. I'll be back down in two weeks so maybe then
I need new comics to read I neeeed new comics to read... Dylan Horrocks
That D&Q website is handy just got his link to a Kevin Huizenga strip for, he is also bringing out a new comic sometime soon. IGNATZ WINNER KEVIN HUIZENGA IN TIME! Time Magazine Canada and feature a two-page original comic strip by D+Q cartoonist Kevin Huizenga, who this past weekend at SPX in Bethesda, MD took home the Ignatz Award for "Outstanding Story" for his GLENN GANGES story in the DRAWN & QUARTERLY SHOWCASE BOOK ONE. In addition, D+Q has just published Kevin's first issue of his new comic book series OR ELSE.

Macleans on Comics

Just got word from my Canadian family about an article in Macleans magazine on comics, I couldnt wait for them to send it to me so I looked it up. Drawn From Life Graphic novels are forcing their way into the literary main stream, and Canadian artists are leading the charge BRIAN BETHUNE IT'S THE MORNING of the day when Adrian Tomine will become the first graphic novelist to give a reading in the 30-year history of Toronto's Harbourfront Reading Series. The Berkeley, Calif., cartoonist is cognizant of the honour, but he's a little worried about putting on a good show. "I've always said no to readings before," he admits. "I've seen cartoonists try, and it always turns out like children's hour at the library. You hold a blown-up panel and say 'Here, the man is walking down the street; now he says this, and then she says that.' " But Tomine has accepted this invitation because he believes his medium is at a tipping point. A

New Collier Book!

As I don't have a comic shop in my town I do all my window shopping on the net. I'm constantly doing goole searches on my favourte artists to find any little scrap of info on new books or projects and or any fragments of pictures new and old. Apart from the fact that this mostly works and I have no other choice I'm also left feeling like a complete stalker! So today I did a seach on David Collier and I come across D&Q's newsletter that announced that in fact David collier does have a new book out called 'The Frank Ritza Papers'!! I'm still doing backflips in excitement! here's some other juicy colier links Ive come across

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