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The Year of the Anthology*

* As said by time comix review . If youre not reading this column regulary you bloody well should be!
As I said in an earlier blog I’m really going to have to cut down on internet time…Hard to believe last year I got photocopying and internet for free! My main piece of news to report is Scrambled #4 is going to have to be postponed; that is unless a group of helpful little fairies do the work for me while I’m sleeping. This is for a few reasons: -I still have around 1/3 of the comic to complete and I don’t want to rush it. Even though I’m keen to get it out there, once it does get out, it stays out, so you have to get as right as possible. -Due to the popularity of past issues of Scrambled, I have to do some reprinting and restocking over the next month.1 -A new project has sprung into my lap this week, it’s a big project and due in January. I’ll keep in under my hat for now but I’m very excited about it.2 Good news is that I’ll only have to postpone it for around a month, and in the meantime all you subscribers out there will most likely receive a little something in the
I received my Crumb poster from lambiek today (Qui a peur de Robert Crumb?) and it looks fantastic. Crumbs watercolour work is really striking. Speaking of Crumb there's a whole lot of images on his site that don't display for me, I love to see any new work from him. Probably going down to Melbourne tomorrow, I'll see if I can pick up that new Collier book. I'm dying to lay my eyeballs on it! In other breaking news both my car and my bike are in for services. I fixed the flat on my bike ok, but after riding it into town the wheel came loose and skidded me to halt! So I took it in for a general service after its winter forlorn. And as for the car it's fine just needed some cosmetic stuff done to it; a strip fell off the side plus a new headlight cover.


I get a certain amount of free internet here at school and when I go over that limit I have to top it up with the aid of cash. Last month I put $20 on there figuring it'd last me awhile but I've run out already and had to top it up again. Looking at my usage chart I realised my time online has been steadily increasing. So I'm going have to cut but a little on my Google image searches for now. Been busy lately. But in a good way as opposed to other month were I was jut plain flat out. Been contributing strips all over the place and doing a few little illustration jobs also, writing my own stuff etc. One of my latest discoveries is writing essay style comics. Seems like I've been working more and more towards it. especial how my sketchbook comes across. So now I'm trying to teach myself to make that all a little more coherent, it's lots of fun. If you’re some one who's interested in comics* (Non superhero/fantasy)and also writes a blog, I'd like to hea
I'm still alive. Been looking up new yorker cartoonists. Also had exam this morning and as of now officially on holidays for the next 3.5 months. Also if you're in Sydney check out the brag for one of my little strips. These Roz Chast strips look interesting but I can't seem to find any on the web that I can actually read...
So I ended up going to Melbourne and getting some of those comics I saw last week (Worn tuff Elbow, which I highly recommend & Blood orange which I mainly bought for the Jeffery Brown strip in there) Art schools winding down for the year and all the craziness of it is starting to fade also. Like I recently wrote in my sketchbook I get fine art and all but still I just want to draw comics (Which is not to put any grade on either but fine art is fine art and comics are comics) comics can be fine art and fine art can be comics. So there’s no problem there at all. But I am so ready for the coming break, phew! Also I almost ready to put out anew 7pages so be on the lookout for that (or maybe I’ll send you one) it will also be an e-mailable file around 1200k that you can print out your self if your not in the local area. Just spent the afternoon hanging out in the school library reading books on comics and cartooning, sometimes they can have handy little technical hints on brushes, pa

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