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Happy New Year

Thought I’d leave that top 10 list up for awhile as to add to the brag version but they cut off my blog address oh well. Almost completed that project that I was talking about the deadline is on the 4th of January. It’s been so hard trying to get things done in the last few days as things are closed down over this period. The biggest obstacle being the school office is closed which means I cant top up my internet printing or photocopying. At this jump drive I got for Christmas is helping me transport work around from one computer to the next. I’m currently putting together a mailing list which I will only use every time I have a new comic out; which is probably only going to be twice next year. I’ve felt a little reluctant to do this, as I don’t want to be in a spam category but I’d really appreciate it of other cartoonists did this. Also people can unsubscribe at any time. So if you want to jump on board drop me a line. I also got D.Clowes Eightball collection for Christmas which i


-Marc Bell’s ‘Worn Tuff Elbow’ Published by Fantagraphics. I picked up Marc’s ‘Pual&Shrimpy&Friends last year and absolutely loved it! This year he brought out this compilation of his newspaper strip but with tons of extra added bits. But as I don’t live in Canada it’s all new to me anyway. -Various Jeffery Brown Strips in ‘Blood Orange’ and ‘McSweenys #13’. I’ve been following Jeffery Brown ever since I picked up a copy of his little book ‘Be a Man’. He’s a fairly prolific producer of comics and I like his loose and intimate diary like style. -Daniel Clowes’s ‘Eightball #23’ published by Fantagraphics. Clowes always has a high standard of production values and you can be sure you’re in for a treat when you pick up one of his Eightballs. Probably better known in the main stream for the writing credits to the movie ‘Ghost World’. This latest instalment of Eightball blew me away-as did the last issue- Just when you think alternative comics should stay as far aw

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