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Kramers Ergot #5

Currently in Melbournre for a few days on a trip with Heathers parents. I'm actually typing this from my old work on Elizabeth st here (G.G) and yes Josh, nat is behind the counter. Popped into a book store on Lygon last night, readings I think it's called, and saw that Kramers ergot #5. May I say there was much drool happening (I managed to not get any on the book). I didn't even bother to look at the price, as I'm in no finacial position at the moment. It's so beautiful though...

"comics are a medium not a genre"

My friend leigh just sent me Marc Bells New ‘petit Livre’ (F: 'little book') ‘The Stacks’ from D&Q and it is very awesome indeed. What can I say I love his work. And lucky for the comic world he’s on fire at the moment*, with this his 3rd book being published in the last few months. Silly of me to explain just go and get a copy anyway you can, beg, borrow, steal etc. *Another way of saying, ‘he’s so hot right now…’ Also Mandy Ord (Thanks) passed on this web site as resource for people wanting to teach comics. The national association of comic art educators . They had a definition of the word Comix with an ‘x’ that I’ve never heard or thought of before: "I see the word "Comix" often now, implying the "co-mixing" of words and pictures". Perhaps that will catch on. Anyway look at the rest of the FAQ section, it's a good read. The reason I call myself 'awcomix' is because apparently awcomics was already taken at yahoo, then I just

New Crumbx2

I've been trying to look at some R.Crumb sketchbook pictures on his website for ages now so I finally gave them a shot on one of the Mac computers at school. To my surprise I was able to view them all!! I was drooling over it all… Also picked up Sophie’s new one yesterday (Belly Button #2) and it wasn’t disappointing. Heather even said reading it surpassed the thrill of a new archie comic as a kid! Great little stories especially the autobiographical ones. There’s something about the comic medium that lends it self to those personal stories that just wouldn’t work in prose. Maybe it has to do with the personal nature of drawing, of committing a line to paper…
Found this on the same site from the last entry. For a more extensive article on it visit here. People are up in arms saying this Johny Hart B.C comic is a slur against islam. You be the judge... I always find things like this really fascinating. It reminds me of that cartoon of the recycle bottle poiting to it's bum. Any one else see that?
Found this whilst surfing some interesting stuff. Alos just saw that sophies released her second issue of belly button comix. I really hoped she'd keep it up.

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