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Lady Pep.

After much looking for Julie doucets upcoming book and recieving blank loooks from comic store people and nothing on the D&Q website for months, even writing to the artist herself! I finallly found what i was looking for. The proposed 3rd petite livre book by Doucet; The first and second coming from peter thompson and marc bell. After all I did end up finding mention of it on the D&Q site in J.D catolouge. Under the title 'Lady Pep' so it will be interesting to see some of what she might of been up to recently, and her dablings in fineart are very significant to my own travels in that jungle. Can't wait to see it.

Gonzo takes one for the team

I had a harsh return from my holidays last night, whilst it felt fantastic to back home also the reality of everyday life is there waiting to give me a smack in the face. Just as well though or maybe this next comic of mine will never get out onto the shelves. I came into school today to get stuck into all this work that’s been piling up. After some time I ventured to log into my e-mail on the macs at school. Their home page is at The first thing I saw was a picture of Malcolm X that grabbed my attention then right next to it was a hyperlink that read, “Writer Hunter.s.Thompson comits suicide” My Jaw dropped to the ground, how could the founder of Gonzo Journalism be dead…by his own hand it seems. I clicked to read more. Was it an overdose of drugs, I thought. But no He died from a self inflicted gunshot wound! Bad news on an otherwise extremly good day.


Just to let you know I'll be on holidays for the next two weeks. Which means I'm away from the facilities that would help me put the next Scrambled together. So far I'm really happy with the overall look and feel of this next issue so I don't want to spoil that by rushing it in any way like J5 say it's all about Quality Control. I’ve also just got the exhibition dates for ‘Are you going to buy that?’ a comics, zines, Graphic Novels exhibition held at the Bundoora town Hall galleries from 29th April to Saturday 4th June. There’ll also be a zine fair held on the 4th June which I hope to attend. See you there. I’m hoping to put Kramers Ergot#5 on my wish list for my B-day (March25th) so here's to hoping.

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