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Spent easter week end down in Melbourne and was able to pick up Krmaers Ergot #5 and it's farkin brilliant. So much good stuff in there I'm still trying to process it. I'll have to add more to this post later. I'll also be putting together a little A6 Artists book in around two months time, which will contain four other artists and myself and will be in full colour. More on this later. Have to stop posting that my comic's coming out soon. So all i can say is that I'm working on it, and hopefully it'll be worth the wait. Also dropped into outre' and they still had those collages there saw last time. Made sure I remembered the artits name it's Rex Ray, look em up on google.


This latest scrambled comic is really taking me a long time to put out...I finally got to the lay out stage and I realised that Scrambleds A6 format was not designed for 9 panel comics strips, but rather sketchbook pages and 4 panel strips. Most of the comic will be 9 panel strips and will only containg 2-4 sketchbook pages out of 32. So I've had to make a tough decision (Tough as It only prolongs things) I've decided to put it out in A5 format. It doubles all the printing I have to do, but most of the comic would be too small to read other wise. In other news Voiceworks will be printing a comic of mine. Although it's not the one I actually submitted, which happened to be that project I was tlaking of a couple of months ago. I really had my hopes that they'd print it as so much effort went into the piece. But on the up side they are printing another strip and one panel from the rejected comic will be included as a tear away post card on the back, so i can't complain


Still n utting out my proposal for my 3rd year of art school. Thought I'd post my influences just for fun: Robert Crumb, Marcel Dzama, Gary Baseman, Jean Michelle Basquiat, Jeff Raglus, Marc Bell,Phillip Guston, Julie Doucet, Fred Cress. Theres many more and i haven't even included the mainly comic ones either. Found this amazing collection of prints in one of my searches. Prints
I first thing we have to do in 3rd year of art school is write a proposal for what we’ll be doing in the year. One aspect of this is a list of your influences. One of them is Marcel Dzama so I looked him up to get some fresh images. And may I say I hate him more than ever, hate him because he’s so good, and every time I look at his work I want to cry. Cry with anger, rage, jealousy and frustration that he’s so damn good and he’ll keep on being so damn good. It makes any future attempt at art making seem damn near impossible.

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