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I've been really enjoying this whole illuistration Friday thing so i thought I'd extend it to my own work by posting an autobiographical entry in my sketchbook be it comic or single panel. I might not be able to do it every week but I'll try my best. Also i thought it'd be a good way to celebrate the imenant release of the new '7 Pages Digest' zine I'll be doing starting from next week which is a collection of sketchbook pages made into a mini book. Check out my other blog for more details on that.

Death and Candy

I joyously picked up the latest death and candy comic the other day. I really love max andersons works and aftre seeing that first issue of it back in '99 I think it had a huge effect on me. Althought I must say as much as i like all the stuff he does and the falt dog story is interesting, nothing beats the car boy stuff from zero zero and issue one (The cover also) makes me think he needs to get back to those kind of story lines something about them that's really sublime that works even the style of the drawings. Can't really explain it much celarer than that...




Just started getting some hankering for some of that old ditko spiderman art. I used to have a lot of the reproductions but they were wrongly lent to me and I had to eventually give them all back, it's a long story. Also came across this , looks interesting but hard to get agood look at anything


This was one of those times where the intial sketch hit the concept right on the head. I ended up doing four other versions but none had the same feel as this first one...


Heres a link to a photoessay on desinger toys that i found interesting: designer toys Drawn And for all those collier fans out there that followed that last link to the CBC website for his icelandic diary trip, here's his latest adventure as a war artist aboard a Canadain war ship: Collier Image from website by David Collier.

Henry Darger

Just found this link care of penelope Dullaghan from illustration friday site. I'd heard something of this guy before and was begining to wonder if it was an urban myth, a janator by day and artist by night kinda thing. Not sure if the movie wil get Australian release or not. Hope so


Mischief image for Illustration Friday.

Blog Updates

I'm still not happy with the blog change i think I might go for one of the other templates and then jazz that up at some later stage. Right now I have to write an art history essay on post modernism, so I procastinating by playing on my blog... Any one got any comments on post modernism and what they think it means or implies? Even if that opinion is, that you don't think it's even relevant.

Hip hip Hooray!!

It's with enormous pleasure that I can announce that I've finally put together and printed up the latest Scrambled comic. My god I thought I was never going to get there. For all of you out there that haven't come across Scrambled before it's a little project I've mine that I started last year. Basically it was a little book that was a collection of sketches and comics, but as time went on each issue had more and more comics. So with this latest edition I had to increase it from an A6 to a A4 booklet. Subscribers will be the first people to get there hands on a copy and hopefully I'll have them in stores* in the next week or so. Ballarat: Grainwery Lane. Redsicovery. echoes of Y's. Melbourne: Minotuar. Polyester. Sticky. Also check out Marc Bells latest exhibtion online at:

Boorondara Exhibition

Here a saucy little snapshot of me infront of some pieces at the exhibtion, 'Are you going to buy that'. Check out the Age review . The piece 'Unfamiliar city' is my reductive lino print behind my head.

Long post

Went to the exhibition opening last Thursday night which was fun apart from the cold I had which effectively limited me to mineral water. Such a relief to have the exhibition hung and done with, it’s really been eating up my time and more importantly my energy. Kind of feel like I have to start really cutting back projects and try not to spread myself too thin. Also been dying to get back into corresponding with all my pen pals but I really need to get this latest comic out, which by the way is so close I can almost smell it. Really been enjoying these illustration Friday challenges it’s so rewarding to be a part of a community of artists like that, everyone kind of inspires one another. I’m just so lucky that I have access to these macs at schools (+scanners and photoshop) otherwise it wouldn’t be an option. I’m hoping at the end of the year I can buy my own computer, better start saving. Also bought David B’s book ‘Babel’ from minotaur on the Friday after I missed the train; no than

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