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IF: Heroes

I was reading a reprint of the amazing spiderman #3 as i'm still having this hankering for old ditko spiderman art. When I came across the last panel in the comic, which I based this drawing on, I thought this'd be a great parody piece and it so happed to fit the theme perfect. The only thing I've changed is I've put myself in instead of spiderman and changed 'spiderman to me or artist. Just thought it was a funny and interesting comparison what Spiderman/Stanlee was saying about his powers (Abilties, talents whatever). I think the 'misunderstood nerd' is something a lot of us can relate to. Here's the original:

I.F: B&W

This week’s topic for Illustration Friday (See sidebar) was B&W which is an area I’m fairly familiar working in. One of the hardest things about B&W is the shades or grey tones, as things can be hard to differentiate and too flat if you don’t use them; as with everything there are always exceptions but those mostly work in combination with colour. I guess with digital copiers and scanners these days it’s easier to get shades by using inks, water colour, or pencils, but this is hard to pull off well. I feel this is because the illustration looks like it should be colour but was printed in B&W. (Two artists that do achieve grey tones with this method successfully I think are, Charles Adams and Quentin Blake.) Sometimes ‘zipatone’ dots can be more effective because it looks as though it was always intended for B&W, and therefore not substandard. And with photoshop or some other simular program there’s no more cutting and pasting (which can also be a downfall, as it

Let's hear it for comics!

This email has been sent to you by The following is a news item posted on CBC ARTS at ____________________________________________________ IN BRIEF: COMICS AS HIGH ART; MORE WebPosted Wed Jun 15 17:04:04 2005 ---Warhol, Rothko, Seth: Canadian cartoonist added to AGO The Toronto-based Art Gallery of Ontario announced Wednesday that it is adding a large-scale pen-and-ink drawing by acclaimed Canadian cartoonist Seth to its contemporary art collection. Hush , which depicts a number of nighttime vignettes of lonely Canadian settings, is an important purchase that recognizes the comic "as a fully articulated art form on its own terms," the gallery said in a statement. "This work by Seth was acquired as a work of art and not an example of popular culture," said Ben Portis, the gallery's assistant curator of contemporary art. "What makes Hush the right work for the gallery is the degree to which it converses with d




Just wanted to post this image as a test for picture posting dimensions. This one's 14cm x 14cm @ 72dpi. The new illustration friday will be up in the next few days. For all of us down in the southern hemisphere we'll have to think back to our brief and mild past summer for possible inspiration.

Bill Peet

Here's the latest drawing I thought I'd upload. I was going to do it every wednesday as I'm always in the computer lab then by now it's on thursday. I guess i'll just try and put something up every now and again. Other than that I still have the illustration friday thing going. BTW, this book was excellent and I'd recomend it for a read. It was interesting to get another take on that whole disney studios thing as I got a pretty good insight with the book 'Cartoon Charlie' about canadian animator and illustrator Charlie Thorson. I've always thought why not do a adults book with a combination book of words and pictures. But I think comics still do it better. You somehow seem to get more detail in there even though there's less writing. A picture says a thousand words i guess...



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