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New Stuff

I've got some prints displayed here for you to look at Prints And some toher links, Salazar Loobylu And More links for y'all, all care of Drawn! : Heads of State Jeff Roysdon Rik Catlow


Barely Living

Old comic

Here's a comic that never made the cut back when i was putting togther Scrambled #2. One night we were having dinner late and flipped on the TV. I loved this movie when it came out (I was 12-13) and knew every scene pretty well but here was stuff I'd never seen before. Pretty soon the power went out. It was kinda fun and exciting fumbling around trying to find the torch. I know that we have a lot of benifits from energy consumption but sometimes I love to think how things would be if we had to conserve electricity for only essential services and how it would change the way we live and do things. Living by natures clock than instead of the one on the wall... link thanks to for making me realise i could post comics like this which i'd like to do more of. I'm slow OK!

Karma 2

"That as difficult as it is for a turtle to insert its neck Into a yolk adrift upon the vast ocean, It is more difficult to attain the human state." I think the story goes that the turtle only pops his heads up out of the water every 100 years, so what's the chance the it'll be through a yolk which is floating in the vast ocean, pretty slim, well not as slim as a human birth. For you scientifically minded out there compare it to how many sperm you were competing with when you were conceived and also that came before you and didn't make it. Millions upon millions right...then how'd you make it? How's that for Karma!


Karma= Cause and effect. At least that's my understanding.


This weeks theme was perfect for a picture I'd been meaning to do for awhile now. I did a version of this in lino cut, but I wanted to see how the same idea would come out in pen and ink. This took me awhile thus I'm late posting for this week. I just returned form a two day trip to Melbourne. I hit most of the hotspots, Minotaur, Sticky &Polyester. Didn't get to Outre' though. Nothing much new in Minotaur, thought they'd have the latest Johnny ryan (A.Y.C) which is good for laugh. There was another Jeffery Brown book I'd never seen before though. Also stocked some more comics there and the guy was weird about it...I've been putting comics in there for around 7 years now and over the last year I've been in there really frequently stocking this series of Scrambled. I guess they get all sorts in there so who knows. Polyester still has a heap of my comic as I stocked them with 20 instead of my usual 10 so i didn't have to go in as much (So g


Thanks Ive for the ‘props’. Been making my way through the archives on his site, great stuff! He’s also involved in this crazy web comic competition, check it out. I’d love to attempt this kind of thing but I’m over committed as it is and not having my own computer would be a major disadvantage. Anyway it’d be cool to do just for myself even. Maybe one day… That’d be a cool blog entry, ‘All the cool creative things I could do if I was Jamie maddox’


Not really much of a sports person myself, but occasionally i do enjoy a good hike. The pinnacle walk in the grampian mountians in victoria are defiinitly a good calf workout! This is a pic from our last visit.

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