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IF: Free!

Free=Restricted, Restricted=Free Here's my entry for on the topic 'Free'. Better late than never I guess

Comics 'n' Art???

Found this article on the D&Q website. Maybe I sound like a broken record but I don’t think this matter is Black and white. It also brings up interesting questions for other forms of art as well. Like, can a gallery really represent all forms of art sufficiently? I guess like anything else there are the good bad and the ugly with galleries but I do think it is a limited way of interfacing with art, a kind of a for lack of a better system. L.A. MUSEUMS OPEN THEIR WALLS TO COMICS Updated October 25, 2005 October 23, 2005 MUSEUMS An uneasy accord L.A. museums open their walls to comics as true works of art. Is it long overdue, still an odd mix, or simply inviting cartoonists to a party they may not want to attend? By Scott Timberg, Times Staff Writer Last year, one of Canada's most prestigious museums approached the cartoonist Seth, whose work combines realistic, character-based storytelling with a muted, nostalgic visual style reminiscent of Edward Hopper, about a show

Image Compitition

Here's something some people may be interested in. An images competition at You have to be a member (which isn't too hard), Australian, and under 30. Go here for more details Shouldn't be to hard for all you fantastic artists out there... Cheers A.W ps- Vibewire will also be setting up a comics section on their site over the coming months...more on this later.

South Park

This is meant to be me southpark style... I got the Southpark Characters link from carla also thanks to her I somehow figured out how to save it once I was done, although I'm still not sure how I did it...

HUB Exhibtion Closing

Here's some photos from Peter wardens and my exhibition closing last week, It sure was fun! Thanks to Redders from neo-front in geelong for the pics, cheers mate ;)


If it doesn't kill me it'll make me stronger...I hope...

Art closings and comic gatherings

Friday night went well in Geelong. We had a few people there enjoying some cheap cask wine. There’ll hopefully be some digital photos to come. Every one got to take a piece of the exhibiton home when it was finished. Also finally got to meet Ive from iveagogo.blogspot fame. He took us out to the happening place in Geelong called the ‘Nash’. Pete, Marty and myself started to bogey on down in the room the DJ was playing. We must of danced for a good couple of hours, but it wasn’t hard to do with such a good DJ playing (Who was that guy?) I think we got back to Marty’s place around 4 am, I’m not really sure how my legs got me home as they were aching so much from dancing. The next morning I woke up with such a splitting headache! It wasn’t so much the usual hangover feeling, just like an axe in my head. The on Saturday night Heather and I travelled out to Daylesford to visit Carol Butcher and Susan Wood A.K.A the ‘Pox girls’. The have this yearly get together/party that comics artists com


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