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Comics on Vibewire

As I may have mentioned earlier is soon to be launching a comics section on their website. Vibewire is like anonline ‘voiceworks’ with all the good stuff that goes with it, links comments and the abilty to have your own blog with vibewire as well. The site might take a little figuring out how to navigate (no more than yahoo or blogspot etc) but it’s fairly simple. So to submit comics you have to become a member. I have been asked to take on the role of comics editor for vibe wire, I’m not really sure what the editorial position will consist of, it’s all yet to be figured out. But for now you can submit comics on the test site which will hopefully be launched very soon. Once the comics section is up and running on the actual site I’d also like it to include reviews and any other pieces of writing on or about comics. From time to time editors from other sections of the site may contact me for illustrations to go with articles. This can work out really well if the theme ma
thought maybe I'd start posting some regular comics. I've been doing a lot of these sketchbook ones lately.


My entry for this weeks for 'Glamour'

7 Pages Digest Subscription

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE A SUBSCRIPTION TO '7 PAGES DIGEST'? This year I’ll be frequently putting out my 7 pages Digest zine, of which I’ll be offering a subscription service. The Digest comprises of 14 pages of sketchbook material reproduced in an A6 booklet, which will be coming out every six weeks. The first three issues have already come out and the next five will be coming out over the next six months. In Australia: -Be sent the first three issues =$2.00 (AUD) -Or start a subscription (5 issues) =$5.00 (AUD) Rest of the world: -Be sent the first three issues =$3.50 -Or start a subscription (5 issues)=$12.50 -Alternatively get all five issues at once which saves on postage (5 issues)=$4.50 Send cheque, money order, paypal or well concealed cash to: A.W Comix, POBOX 174W, Ballarat, VIC. 3350. ~


Here's my entry for 'Cats' for Medium: Digtial collage

M.A.P.S information

Hi there everyone. Just sending out a friendly little reminder that the deadline for the ‘Mail art portfolio swap’ (maps) I sent a call out for is due in around a weeks time (28th Jan). I was going to send this reminder a little earlier so if you need another week just let me know. Some people I didn’t hear back from officially but I’m kind of sure that they want to be involved, so make sure that if you are in MAPS email a response to this email and let me know how you’re going, problems queries concerns etc. Look forward to seeing the work Cheers Anthony

7 Pages Digest

School is now finished and maybe now life can get back to some normal pace for awhile. So in that case I will definitely be putting together and distributing this 7 pages digest very soon. I am also restructuring the price and lowering it to only $1.00. This will basically cover my postage costs to send them to distros and such. I will also be sending out a lot for free to people who I think are nice. This issue will have minimal copies printed and the next issue will follow very shortly. Go to the comix catologue link for ordering information. I will also be offering that if you write me and include a .50c stamp (in australia only) I will send you a copy or two of 7 Pages Digest. Which will be valid for issues 1-4. Other wise (if you’re shy) you can purchase them from ‘fatcheeks distro’ (See sidebar) or 'Sticky' located in Melbounre. A.W Comix, POBOX 174W, Ballarat, VIC, 3350.

Shouldn't you know already? Comix news!

Turns out Ivan Brunetti will be bringing out a new full colour book. I just went to fantagraphics site and there it was, so it must be in stores now. A few of the strips were shown on the old highwaterbooks site and were great. Also found an interview with designer extraordinaire Chip Kidd here And Ron Rege Jr has a print for offer at tiny showcase, cheg it out! and I don’t think I told you that I got Seths ‘wimbledon Green’ for Christmas and it was awesome! Not sure if it’s out in Aus yet as I got this one sent from Canada and I haven’t been in ol’ ‘Minotaur’ for awhile. And this from "Autobiographical cartoonist Jeffrey Brown provides an epilogue to his 'Girlfriend Trilogy,' detailing the day-by-day events of three week run in with five girls. Watch and be mesmerized by an ex coming back into the picture, a growing but poorly chosen crush, musings on the way friends come and go in life, and a realization that the end is never really the end.

Lino Cut

Here is my attempt at a fake lino cut. Done by drawing with a white chinagraph (High wax pencil) the type that signwriters use onto a clear plastic with a black paper background. I haven't photocopied this one just scanned it. The image is copied from a photo for an upcoming movie with Charlize Thoron called 'north country'.

E is For...

For, theme: 'E is for...'

Moon Rocket Ends

I just discovered yesterday that the new Zealand zine distro Moon Rocket will be no longer…It’ sure is an impressive effort to keep one open for six years! Moira who runs moon rocket says, “I started moon rocket when I was a university student. I had a flexible schedule and a big space of my own for projects. I was busy but it was easy to make time for creative projects, which was what I considered moon rocket to be. six years later, I am working fulltime at a job I love, which takes a lot of my time and mental energy.” So go to here site and help her clear stock! The good news is that the site will remain for zine resources and information.


I first come across Onsmith on the usscatastrophe site I think, but I just recently found this website of his with lots of great images, comics and prints and an interview with John Porcelino

Art stuff

I did this drypoint print today, instead of printing it the traditional way I photocopied as suggested by this site I’m really happy with how it turned out! I will definitely have to do more in this style. I used to think, there's no point imitating traditional methods when using new ones but with this drypoint method you can’t see what you’re drawing too clearly (It’s scratched into clear plastic) and you can’t get the greatest control over the line work. So you have all this randomness to the image that can be cool. Plus you can’t really say the print is only a reproduction as the original is a clear plastic sheet! Hah! Also here is some mail art, I contributed to

Chas shroud #2

Just thought I'd share with you the print the I submitted to the SSNW print exchange I was involved in recently. Originally a biro drawing, then photocopied/printed onto Arches smooth water colour paper (300gsm) hand coloured with a satin varnish.

The progression of a comic...

As promised here is a comic I just finished. I’ve selected for panels from the centre of the page (they’re out of order) and scanned the page as I progressed. -The first panel is the rough pencil stage, I’ve ruled up the boxes and written in the text (From a scribbled script, kinda like Pekar’s) so now it’s time for some loose scribbles to plot out composition etc. -The second lot is the cleaned up pencils, I usually go over pencil with a kneadable eraser and refine the lines. I’ve been at odds with myself on how much I should do this as Charles Schulz was a big believer in not drawing in pencil first (anymore than rough outlines/shapes), but then again he only had to draw snoopy and maybe the occasional piano! So I think I’ll try and get everything resolved in this pencil stage, ie, the main line work. -The third set is when I have started the inking stage. You can see that I’ve only just done the outlines with a nib (dip pen). Usually I don’t separate the line work black areas


'Sea' for

Comix resources

I came across this Diy guide address sitting in an old email, so I went and checked it out again; actually I’m not sure if I had ever looked at it not. But anyway it’s really good and even though I’ve been making comics for a while now, and have picked up some of the tricks she’s talking about, there’s a few I knew but either didn’t understand or think important. So I highly recommend reading it. I also loved how she went through the comic process from pencils to finished art. I might have to do a post one day showing my progress through a few panels. I also get a kick out of the detailed description of the art of making good photocopies, as a good copy is hard to make! Also came across this link whilst reading it which also has this handy reproduction guide. Written by Ron Rege Jr, Dave Choe, Brian Ralph, and Jordan Crane! there’s some very helpful tips from Jordan Crane on scanning, DPI, and prepress issues.

"I got the flavour"

Photoshop from found web images for

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