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Late night art maddness

We decided to come into school to have anopther late night session. It's the only way i can actually get work done even though i feel buggered at first. Got a few collages stared and also some ink drawing and made two frames, not too bad. Also there were Simon, Pete, and Beth.


Here are some photos I took around school on the low-res setting :)


Hi all. I really should be posting some more comics and pictures, hopefully I will be very soon. On a related tangent I finally bought a digital camera yesterday in Melbs. I did go for the samsung as it had a good price and great features, here’s hoping the photos turn out half decent…I’ve always wanted to blog random photos, so soon my dream will be coming true. Also just read about this on Ive’s blog sounds like something I’ll try and attend I also had a art and comic spending spree in Melbourne. I bought three comics, drafting film, hunt nibs, block printing ink, a good turps based satin varnish, zetta florrence photocopy paper…and I also discovered that the art store Neil Wallace (off Brunswick from the ‘black cat cafĂ©’) sells lazertrans (check out their site for how awesome this stuff is links

Dan clowes video that I’m yet to successfully downlaod Dan zettwoch blog and comic: Artists I want to check out when I have the time: An article on illustration (to read later) Jim Woodring Blog (also later) Also saw a link for a site that is trying to promote designers and artists not to do free ‘spec’ work. I’d love to find out if they paid the designer to make the logo, heehee. Also I’m seeing if I can download chris wares buildings stories from the new york times here:

Vice comics issue

I just got myself a copy of Vice all comics issue care of fellow art school chum Simon (I owe you big time) I can’t believe how good it is and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a comics magazine like it. The closest thing I guess would weirdo and Raw from the eighties but I like how this is just a ‘perfect bound’ magazine format with other reviews and photos in it as well. And the mind blowing part is that it’s free! I’d really love to hear what people think who are regular readers of Vice but not necessarily alt comic readers, just to get an outsider view on this kind of format. I would definitely enjoy seeing this as an ongoing thing with 3-4 pages each issue and a comic special every year On a related note I had first seen Vice in Canada and the North American version has three pages f comics in every issue and I thought it strange that the Aussie one had nothing considering the amount of local talent. I did notice that Simon James the Tasmanian cartoonist that I’ve reviewed on th

Angels and Devils

Here's my entry it's fairly simple and straightforward. I'm trying to stick pretty closley to the theme whilst I'm trying out vector illos.

Digital Camera??

I’m still having trouble trying to decide on buying a digital camera. I’m trying to get one in the 5 megapixel range between $200-300. It is possible but deciding which brand to go with is giving me nightmares. I’ve had bad luck with equipment being faulty so I want to make sure I buy a reputable brand. Samsung seems like a good brand from what I can tell but has a bit of the new kid on the block stigma. Others are recommending Nikon or Cannon as they have a 'name'. Also looking at some Pentax which sounds like a good brand but I’m not entirely convinced. I would love any advice on a good/ reputable brand in terms of good picture quality

Fat man and Bobbin

Here's my IF for the week as you can see I'm still playing around with vectors to try and use the skills I have learned recently. One of the hardest things i find is trying to choose colours for gradients, which I'm sure is just due to the order you press buttons. Don't really know where the idea for this came but thought it cruel to just draw a larger person so seeing how I'm a big fan of the 60's batman TV show, I combined the two images together. A friend has just told me that you can actually buy the series on DVD, I must own those DVD's!! I remember back around '89 when the new batman movie was announced my brother and I were big into the TV series and we were so disappointed that Adam West was not cast in the lead as Batman, being young we figured he might not be able to swing from the chandeliers as he used to...

Art vs Craft

"...Yes there is a difference between art and craft, but some craftsmen are artists, and some artists are certainly in the realm of craft..."- Mardy Sears (From a discussion on if bookbinders should get credit from artists for initially making the book) I've said a similar statement myself before and I think it's a really important thing to remember in relation to postmodernism. That being said, I don't believe that you have to keep the two separate, but you do have to initially understand their differences with out any value judgments.

I heart books

Much to my own demise I haven’t been getting Kevin H’s comic ‘or else’ this is mainly because of three reasons 1-The contain some reprinted material from his zine/comic ‘Supermonster’ (I don’t mind buying reprinted material especially if it has new stuff in there, but as my time and money are limited when visited the comic store this factor makes me put off buying it, see reason #2) 2-I’m not at the comic store enough to buy it. I find I need to see something 2-3 times before I make a purchase (see reason #3) 3-I’m silly

Under the Sea

Well I decided to get back into IF for now. Obviously if things are too hectic at school/work I'll have to give it a miss.

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