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Trip timeline #3

We have now arrived in Sydney in a few hours we will be taking a flight to Melbourne. At this stage we should be really tired!! For your viewing pleasure, a scary gnome...

Trip timeline #2

After landing in Vancouver we have a 5 hours wait for our flight. We are now leaving Vancouver for Australia. To keep you entertained, your new best friend!

Trip timeline #1

We are just about to fly out of Winnipeg to Vancouver. in lack of any comics I present... cake wrecks!
I thought I would be updating with some comics today to keep the blog going until I arrive in Australia in just a few days but unfortunately I could not make it to the library to scan (my scanner is all packed up!) Be sure to check in to see where in the world we are!




It was hard to show this in a comic. We had waves of geese gliding over our heads and swooping into land on an oval in formation it was really amazing.

Purty Autumn colours


Melt down & Cherry Cheescake




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