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June Project wrap up

I enjoyed undertaking the 30 days project during the moth of June. I was in a real need of a kick start with m art practice after a busy year of family and work commitments taking over. I set myself the goal of drawing and colouring one comic panel each day during the previous month. Some days I posted a photo instead and other days I was unable and or limited in how I could colour the panels. I plan to compile the panels into a full colour comic that I will be offering digitally. I really appreciated the comments and tweets over the period of the project as it gave me some good insights into what was working and what wasn't. To conclude the project I would like to ask readers to post a comment/tweet on their favourite entry if they haven't already and for your effort I'll keep you in mind when I finish the comic and send you a free digital copy. Twitter @awcomix Facebook Anthony W Comix

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