"Nothing echoes like an empty mailbox"

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And yes there was no mail in my pobox...boo hoo! I Feel like I'm on a desert island at the moment.

Anyway I thought I'd post this panel to show you this new brush technique I mentioned. I couldn't help but give it a little touch up in photoshop...

ps- quote by Charlie Brown


  1. I'm really just being a sook here, I recieved a lovely postcard from Mandy Ord just last week...Thanks Ord!

  2. That's a tasty brush thing you've got going on there, Anthony! How do you do the blues - that adds heaps of depth too.

    Nice concept and well done - I like the focus on the character (and not even including the postbox).

    One suggestion: maybe try scanning the black linework in high definition 2bit (300 or 600 dpi), then convert - it flattens the blacks out completely.

  3. I put in the subtle blue shades by using Photoshop. I don't want to take away too much from the contrast of B&W that's already there but the web gives you such a good opportunity to colour stuff for no extra charge!
    I left the black in this one 'mottled' usually I do flatten it out but with the brush you get more washed out lighter areas. I will probably flatten them out when it comes time to print though. Speaking of which I've been testing a few methods for scanning and saving artwork to take to the copy shop. At the moment I'm scanning things in as 600ppi tiffs then arranging* and converting to bitmaps in Photoshop then saving them as PDFs. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    *Plus I use the method I discussed in the B&W post.

  4. Ian you just made me realise that this could of been mistaken for the theme empty. I didn't even think about it when i posted...strange!


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