7 Pages # 4

This little guy is all printed up and folded. I'm hoping to do a big mail out and drop some of at local cafes soon:)
I'm keen to get this out as I eagerly anticipating the printing of the next two issues ;-)
Send 1 dollar or two stamps for a copy :)


  1. Anthony, I never caught up and sent you my subscription, but please save a copy of anything you're publishing. Are you coming to the Operation Funnybone launch next week?...

  2. I'll have to really think about it as I've been to melbourne a couple of times recently (it starts getting costly$$$) would like to attend though, sounds like fun!
    I will save some copies for you Ian :) What issues, if any, do you have of 7 pages digest? The digests are kind of low fi little sketchbook zines but the next two issues (#5-6) should have a higher production values ;)

  3. Anthony, the OF launch will only be short, I think - 11.00-11.45am or so. Your work is some of the best reads in there though!

    I have all the early 7 pages and Scrambled issues, but will need to rummage through my comics boxes to see exactly which ones...

    Fair enough on the Illustration Friday thing, though if you find what you're working on is relevant to the theme on any given week, I reckon post anyway :).


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