How to write comic books

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Last year I was researching how comic artists wrote their comics. This came about after reading a great book on narrative journalism called 'Telling true stories'. It made me realise that each comic artist has their own peculiar way of constructing comics in regards to writing, and it is interesting to look at the quirks we have when writing or ideas down for future comic stories.

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I would also like to hear from anyone else I did not hear from last year about their process

Some example questions to think about (Although answer any way you feel suits)

  • How do you initially jot down ideas, if at all?
  • Do you have a drafting process, eg, thumbnails, quick sketches, notes etc?
  • How do you (or do you) edit your work in terms of the writing?
  • Is there anything peculiar about your writing process, eg, has to be at a certain time, has to be in a certain type of book or paper etc?
  • What concerns do you have when starting out in the writing process, eg, to not spend too much time, to get compositions right, to make it flow etc?
Here is an interesting description of a process by


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