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After posting about the comic that had inspired me as a child (Star bores) I started thinking about the other titles in the Falcon comics series and wanted to find out more about the artists. I read on another website that there was a book on Australian comics called 'Panel by panel' by John Ryan and that the book had information on the Falcon comics series. Luckily a copy of the book was at the university library, although unfortunately there was very little information on the actual series other than Macmillan chose from the underground comic artists of the day. 
Imagine how great it would be if a publisher were to do this same thing today, it would be so awesome to see Australian cartoonists do a series of books that went out to younger readers.

I have begun to try and list in the Hayase Australian comics wiki all of the titles in the series that I can find on the web,  I would love to be able to add any information to the page and related pages as possible especially artist and writer information and any cover and or inside images. Please get in touch with me or join the wiki to add information. 
The State Library of Victoria has some copies so I will try and access them and scan some covers.

Here is a list of the titles I know of so far,


    * Chubs, Spike, Harry into the black mountain / [by] Colin Stevens.
    * Cucumber blues / by Rick and Tina Amor.
    * Herbie / [by] Izi Marmur.
    * The ghost of Gaffer's creek / [by] Rick & Tina Amor.


    * Black mountain breakdown / [by] Colin Stevens.
    * Sylvia : a real spunky chick / by Rick and Tina Amor from a story by Kay Stirling.
    * The adventures of Moven Marven: special agent / [by] Don Porter.
    * Tram fury / Geoff Cook.
    * V8 madness / by N. Curtis.
    * Wiggy Cramp in the waste land / [by] Rick and Tina Amor.


    * Bobby's speedball two-tones / [by] Con Aslanis.
    * Rock Island rescue / story: Roger Vaughan Carr ; illustrations: Chris Payne.
    * Rollin' through / [by] Alex Nicholas from a story by Roger Vaughan Carr.
    * The Glen Street girls / [by] Rick and Tina Amor.
    * The junk shop [by] Rick and Tina Amor.


    * Billy and Captain Joe : high adventures on the high seas / written and illustrated by Peter Dickie.
    * Cleaned up at the Royal Mint / by Bruce Baldwin.
    * Star bores / [by] Rick and Tina Amor.
    * Strike / [by] Joni Dennis.
    * The Baloni family / [by] Colin Stevens.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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