Hemp for a renewable paper pulp source

At the end of 2007 I started researching the use of Hemp for paper production. I found out a lot of amazing things and immediately wanted to make a comic about Hemp. I just so happened that this was a few months before we moved to Canada. Once in Canada I found myself in one of the biggest Hemp growing provinces in the country, Manitoba. I even found a Hemp store in the small town where Heather's parents lived. The store sold a range of Hemp clothing and products and I was able to buy shelled hemp seed there for an excellent price.

As it turned out I got side tracked from my Hemp comic and started doing daily comics, but I never stopped researching and wanting to write the Hemp comic. I am still extremely passionate about the benefits of growing Hemp and not as some Hippy stoner rant,  just for the simple fact that growing hemp for paper is faster cheaper and produces a superior paper to that of trees, not to mention more environmentally sustainable.

Fast forward almost two years later and I have finally managed to produce a comic, albeit small, on Hemp for the upcoming Blood & Thunder comic anthology. I thought I would share just some of the panels from the comics here. Although the comic is only one page the page is around A3 in size  and contains around 25-30 panels.

One of the reasons I was interested in finally making a Hemp comic for the anthology was the chance to use colour. I had always envisioned making the Hemp comic in two to three colours, most likely blues greens and blacks.
Anyway you will have to read the comic to find out more, I think it is out in March (that is if I make the cut).


  1. Cool! Please do post info on how to get the comic when it's available - I'd like to read it!

  2. I was thinking of selling prints of the comic once the book is out, I'll also post a readable version online ;)


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