Free Comic Book Day

A bit over a week ago I was reminded that it was going to be free comic book day (FCBD) today. As I've been playing around with downloadable digital comics, I had an idea to round up some comic pages from fellow comickers and offer it as a free download.

I know FCBD is about getting people into brick and mortar stores but I think it's also about getting new readers into comics. Why not digital comic then!

This is the result,

It's basically a PDF file with dimensions that are perfect for an iPad screen but can also be read on your computer or any other device that reads PDF files.
It's totally free to download and you will be able to match the artists pages to an to their names by using an index at the front of the book; as well as links to each creators site.
The material is mostly compiled from Chugnut attendees with some guest appearances.

I'd love to do this again sometime in the future, and I look forward to hearing about what you think.


Thanks for reading...

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