Drawn from life submition

Earlier this year I completed a submission for an anthology for the MWF called 'Drawn from life'. The anthology was edited by Oslo Davis who you might remember put together the anthology 'Conceived on a tram' and also has his cartoons published in the newspaper 'The Age'.

When I was first contacted about submitting some work I was a little worried. The submission called for comics about everyday stories, autobiographical stories etc. The weird thing is that the majority of my work has been in this vein. however for the previous year I had been seriously considering taking different directions, I wasn't sure if auto bio comics was were I wanted to go. How was I going to come up with an idea that fitted the theme but was a little different than before.

I ended up coming up with the idea above (click for readable version) and I decided to take a different direction than my more sketchier work and fully pencil and ink the piece. I then digitally coloured it using Photoshop.

PS- I would like to post some process pictures of the comic too, that is if I get around to it



  1. Sweet! Well done.
    It's good to see your comics again!

  2. I liked your "sleeping like a log" thought bubble. Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting your creative juices flowing. I hope you'll be able to join another artist retreat, maybe it will awaken something within?


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