Back on the wagon

So I've been experimenting with using Tumblr,
I've had the thing since 2009 and used it occasionally but I never wanted to cheat on my main blog right here. I still don't want to give on the ol' blogspot, but Tumblr seems like it's going to suit my needs to share images and check out what other people are up to. I think I won't give up on the blog completely and I still think it is a good venue to host links to things I'm doing and discuss larger ideas. Who knows I could be back in two weeks begging my blog to take me back.

Update (27/02/2013): So I'm still hanging out on tumblr and it's working out pretty good for my comics/drawing posting needs. But like I said I haven't completely given up on this blog, I think it will be good to use it for the occasional tutorial post amongst other things.


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