Mini Comic Challenge

Here's an invitation to join me in a challenge:
  1. Write and draw 12 pages of comics in three months (from June 7th to Sept 7th)
  2. At the end of three months print in A6 mini comic format
The rules above are really the only two rules I will set as such. Some suggestions however could be:
  • Keep it simple, eg, B&W printing
  • Add a cover to your 12 pages, eg a 16 page mini comic containing 12 pages of actual comics
  • Try to make a coherent story rather than just a collection of snippets or doodles
  • Participants can encourage each other and maybe even launch their books togther


  1. Ive Sorocuk
  2. Matthew H T Emery 
  3. Ian McMurray 
  4. David C Mahler 
  5. Leonie Brialey 
  6. Neale Blanden
  7. Andrei Buters 
  8. Josh McCrimmon
  9. Adi Firth
  10. Sarah Firth
  11. Tom Edwards
I have also set up this Mini Comic Challenge Community over at Google+, if you have a google account you can join the community and post progress notes and or images


Thanks for reading...

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