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It seems like such a serious thing to write a blog post these days. Out of all the social media options blogging would have to be the most formal, and I tend to shy away from making an official blog post for this reason. Rather I condense what I want to say into 140 characters and post it to Twitter. As for Facebook, I do not use it to communicate much other than share other peoples posts, comment on friends posts, and keep an eye on upcoming events.

The other aspect of not blogging, is I have noticed a marked decrease in interaction here. I know people are reading posts, but without any of the 'like' or favourite features or other platforms it can be hard to know people are out there reading. This is a catch 22 though, do I post less because of less interaction or do people interact less due to my lack of posting? I might also add that I had stopped checking my RSS feeds which allowed me to keep up to date with other blogs like mine. Now that Google Reader has ceased, I have found Feedly to be an excellent RSS reader (with tablet apps to boot!).

Over the coming 10 weeks I am going to try and post on a regular basis here. I will also try my best to let readers know about some of the projects I am working on currently. For example did you know I just printed the 4th and final issue of sketch book comix and it is now available from Sticky in Melbourne? Also I am working on a 12 page mini comic as part of a group project with other comic artists? And that I just uploaded all 3 of the Chugnut Comics to the website Issuu?

So this is me 'fessing' up, at how bad I am at keeping people in the loop with things that I am working on and what I am doing. Granted if you follow me on Instagram or follow my Facebook page you may have garnered some small insights into some of my works in progress.


  1. I've noticed a marked reduction in comments as well -- especially since Wordpress included a 'like' function. People now 'like' when previously they would have commented; many more don't comment or like at all. Perhaps it's to do with saturation - there's just so much out there to read that clicking on a comment box seems somehow like too much work? Who knows.

    Either way, I'm enjoying your blog - both the pictures and words :)


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