Patience by Daniel Clowes

I just finished reading Daniel Clowes new book Patience. The book came out in March 2016 but I was in no rush to read it. Not because I wasn't eager. More so due to the actual patience you develop from waiting years for your favourite comic artist to release a new book.
It's hard for me to pick favourite anything, but Clowes would have to be up there when it comes to comics. Seth and Crumb coming in a close second. Crumb's last comic being the book of genesis (2009) and mystic funnies before that (2003?). 

The book itself has a fantastic design. The full and brilliant colours throughout seem brighter and more comic book pop. More so than some of his previous more subdued colours. The weight of the paper feels nice and thick and has a slight off white cream colour which suits the art well. At just a little over 178 pages the book has a nice weight and thickness to it. 

The story itself is different for Clowes although it still has that distinct Clowes feel to it. Full of strange creepy background characters and main characters with dubious intentions and motivations. It was a little slow to start for me in the first part of the story. But I feel like it kicked in about halfway. I was a little confused in parts which character was which and how it related to the past. But that kept me guessing and resolved in the end.

Clowes is one of the best comics artists out there producing non mainstream work. I have enjoyed his past stories that unfold the story in short vignettes that you have to piece together. Patience is less like this although it does have similar elements to it.

The story itself would lend itself to a movie, although time travel can be a little overdone in that genre. It would be cool to keep the movie like a Clowes world as much as possible. Put in the weird background actors and funky fashions. Have the over saturated bright comic colours...

Who knows if the new movie Wilson with woody Harrison is a hit maybe we will be seeing more Clowes movies. 

Check out Clowes interview with Marc Maron on the WTF podcast.


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