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I was recently trying to come up with a new name for a comic. I've always found naming artworks or projects difficult. I'd rather the work speak for itself and for that reason I tend to lean toward generic names. In the past I have also been keen on using terms that have multiple meanings or are a play on words. But this can comes across as at best jokey, and at worst too cutesy. 

My favorite title ever for a project was '7 Pages', it was a zine that contained 7 pages of sketches book (I drew every day, so typically it covered 7 days too). It did what it said on the package. As I work in fits and spurts I have tended to be fond of names that indicate that the work is in pieces or parts. To that end, I have used the names Scrambled (kind of like scrambled eggs, or a scrambled mix of things), Construction Pieces, SketchBook Comix, 7 pages Digest (couldn't resist recycling my favorite), and last but not least Spare Parts. 

Spare Parts was the name of a small sketchbook zine, and later then I wanted to restart making my own comic anthology I recycled the title and created a website to go with it. The name was a victim of its own success. I like the name so much that when I had the idea to start a digital publishing press, the name was there and ready to go.

Now that I'm using Spare Parts for the website name, it would be weird to use it for my own comic anthology. I'm getting so desperate I used random word combinations to create a list of titles. I don't think I will use any, but I am hoping it spurs some spark of inspiration.

  • wooden - pieces
  • log - variations
  • sonder - notes
  • Spare Log Digest
  • Forest digest
  • log - notes
  • drawn - parts
  • sonder - pieces
  • log - parts
  • log - digest
  • log - pieces
  • drawn - log
  • sonder - log
  • wooden - log
  • sonder - parts
  • wooden - variation
  • wooden - notes
  • log - log
  • drawn - notes
  • spare - notes
  • drawn - pieces
  • drawn - variation
  • wooden - parts
  • spare - digest
  • wooden - digest
  • spare - log
  • spare - variation
  • drawn - digest
  • sonder - variation
  • sonder - digest
  • spare - pieces

I used words liked sonder, log, wooden, notes, pieces etc to see if any particular variation stood out. While this technique did not necessarily work. I think it may have inspired a similar name. I'm still ruminating on it for now (and checking Google for any weird connotation or comics with a similar name.)


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