Peptober Day 3: Feels

Today I'm feeling a nostalgia for the low-fi culture of the past. Things like Cassette tapes, paper zines, finding an obscure artist in a second-hand bookstore.

However, I think it's important to realise why these things were interesting. It's not some sort of hipster notion of obscurity. I think it has more to do with the shareable and transferable nature of them coupled with the effort it took to find them.

I think alternative, low fi, and handmade had connotations around them that no longer apply. The internet is so powerful and fantastic that these words no longer have the same meaning. It's not an either-or situation. I'm not saying the internet is bad so let's replace it with paper zines. I'm merely appreciating the faults of this old technology (after all old technology becomes admired for its faults).

I'm more so thinking out loud of how we find the alternative again. In a world where the playing field is evened out via social media platforms (as most people have access to the same tools) how do you find the more meaningful work?

I've tried answering this question lately with my spare parts press project. I've been seeking out artists that meet that non-mainstream aesthetic who I can help share their work bundled into an ebook that readers can buy or keep and even share.


Thanks for reading...

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