Peptober day 6: Bring them on stage

I previously wrote about how difficult it is to come up with a name/title for a book.  I thought I had found the perfect title with Spare Parts, but it was so good I used it for my new publishing venture Spare Parts Press.

More recently I was fascinated with the word Sonder (if you've never heard the word, here's the meaning). I think it is too fancy to use for a book, although now I wish I used it for the press. Sonder press would have perfectly tied in with the work I wish to publish. 

My latest idea has narrowed down to using a variation of my last name. I would go with simply the word 'Wood' or some variation thereof. Although perhaps too simple and open to connotations I don't intend.

 I had run this experiment once before using a Twitter poll, and I was happy with how that went.

This time I'd like to use the form below (or view the form here) to get your feedback. I have a couple that are favourites, but it would be cool to see what you think.


Thanks for reading...

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