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I was surprised this year that I didn't see Instagram top 9 pop up as a trend. I think it may have been due to the art vs artist version pop-up. I think there is a general mistrust of Instagram's algorithm and also handing over your metrics to a third party to create your top 9. Here's how I got around that.

Here's my quick and dirty method for coming up with my top 9.

Note: You will need IG analytics to do this.

  1. Head to 'Insights' (analytics) and 'Content your shared' section
  2. Click on the arrow next to 'posts'
  3. From here you can choose 
    1. What type of posts (Any, phot, videos carousels)
    2. The metric (reach, saves shares)
    3. Time period (last year for top 2021 posts)
  4. Choose which metric you'd like to make your top 9 out of (I chose 'Reach', but 'Saves', 'Shares' or 'Interactions' could also be good one's to choose - I don't trust that actual 'Likes' equal quality)
  5. Take a screenshot and crop it to a square to get the top 9 in your category
  6. You can then draw over the actual number, by either marking up the screenshot in the photo app or an app of your choice. I used Procreate Pocket
  7. I then painted over the rounded rectangles in the same shade of black (surprisingly it wasn't pure black) to cover my reach numbers, as they are only relevant and relative to me.
  8. I then drew 1-9 over the top in a contrasting white colour
  9. Save and share to IG or wherever you need to
I hope that helps. Let me know in the comments if it helped or head over to my Instagram at awcomix to say hi. 


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