Thank you to my readers (Peptober Day 8:)


For those of you following along at home. I've had a renewed passion for blogging. Today I would like to send a thank-you out to a lucky reader. I’m going to choose a person from my awcomix newsletter to receive a postcard from me with original art!

To enter the competition, you just have to be a member of my new publications newsletter.* In a week's time from now, January 11th, I will choose one subscriber at random to send a postcard to.

In the past when I’ve run competitions I’ve been too focused on doing it to attract new readers. Recently I realised that it’s all too easy to get caught in the trap of looking for new readers. It’s an innocent enough thing to do when you make something you wish for a growing amount of people to be interested in. The problem is that you ignore the readers you already have.

I have a tendency to jump around and try new things with my work. If I were to take a guess the majority of people that follow me are familiar with my autobio work, other maybe for my Bored in Space comic, and other still for my drawing of buildings or spaceships. All this is a convoluted way to say if you’re still around then you’ve got more patience than I can hope to expect.

*I used this mailing list to only send out an email only if I have a new publication. I really dislike email newsletters that want to send you multiple emails per week, in some weird attempt to keep you 'engaged'.

Note: I started Andy J Pizza's Peptober challenge (along with some other October challenges) however, I wasn't able to complete it. As there were so many great blogs prompts I would like to keep going through them until I have completed them all. 


Thanks for reading...

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