Pages assist discovery in Procreate

I've been using the handy 'Page assist' feature in Procreate for making comics. A cool aspect of this is that you can use the first layer as a 'background layer'. This background layer persists through all layers, making it perfect for guides or for when you export the final artwork.

With Procreate's page assist feature you can also export each page and a single image. This is really handy if you're using it as a sketchbook or comic. For example the Procreate template I made and shared recently, each set of grouped layers represents a single panel and can be exported as such.

Yesterday I realised that your background can also be a grouped layer! This means that grouped layer can contain multiple layers. Each one an asset to help in making a comic. For example

  • Lettering guide
  • paper texture
  • White fill
  • Panels /Panel Guides
This inspired me to create a blank Sketchbook Procreate Template. The file uses Procreates Page Assist feature and comes with a variety of backgrounds such as, paper texture, off white, and lined paper. I'm offering the file for free here


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