Rules for making awesome comics

Here's another example of how I get a flash of inspiration which I know I will later completely forget. I sometime come across these notes and I'm not even sure exactly what i was trying to say

Nevertheless, I find them amusing and wanted to share my latest find.

  1. Create the most awesome ideas you can with your full effort. Make them as if they will be remembered as the best comic in the world.
  2. Focus on one project at a time and complete it; obviously sometimes you must take a break and refresh yourself but stay on target.
  3. Add all those little extra things in there; don't produce for lowest common denominator or so everyone can get it.
  4. Do not let self-doubt get in the way; Create a plan and just work through it to the best of your ability at the time.
  5. Present your work the way it deserves to be shown; Do not chicken out, be proud, produce and distribute your work accordingly.


Thanks for reading...

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